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The genesis of ISE

The Reason of Fall of Higher Education:

The standard of higher education started falling sharply since middle of the last decade of twentieth century. One of the major reasons is a market boom in software sector that started with Y2K problem. India and Indian software sector played a leading role in solving this software problem. Due to this the software companies, which were small employer, immediately became big employers with very big salary package. The software companies opted to recruit graduate engineers. Consequently, higher secondary pass out students, instead of taking admission into graduation courses in fundamental science, opted to take admission into engineering courses.

Rise in coaching centers and tuitions:

This disproportionate inclination towards engineering courses had severe consequences. The role of higher secondary course shifted from building a strong foundation to scoring a higher rank in engineering entrance examinations. Since traditional teaching methods adopted at higher secondary stage could not fulfill this ambition of parents and students they started to take the help of coaching and tuitions. Many coaching centers opened up to cater to this need of the students. The students too relied more on the coaching centers or tuitions for which the Coaching centers became powerful alternatives of higher secondary school or junior colleges.

No correlation between mark and knowledge:

In tuitions and coaching centers answers of expected questions are dictated and students are put into practices of answering these questions several times such that they can write the answers of these questions in examinations and can get good marks. As a result they scored more marks without a proportional increase in their knowledge i.e., their marks did not reflect their knowledge or intellect. A student scoring a high rank in engineering entrance examination may not be sound in science fundamentals. The teachers at lead engineering colleges are also disappointed with such students. Higher education and research in such reputed engineering colleges also came nearly to a halt. It is a serious problem for the country and a nightmare for the educationists.

Education system at higher secondary level:

This trend and its perilous effects have been discussed in several forums throughout the country. All conscious educationists and thinkers were of the same opinion; the system of education at the higher secondary level where a student commits to the science stream should be such that a strong foundation of science is laid which will be helping him to do research in science and technology to discover the mysteries of nature and invent tools to make the life better. It was also unanimously agreed that 'sure-success-in-examinations' oriented coaching is not the system of coaching/teaching to reach this goal. Teaching the students to understand the fundamentals of science and appreciate the strength of methods of scientific investigation is the only solution.

The Institute of Science Education is born:

We, a small group of teachers and students, took up this problem seriously. Since we have no scope to change the teachings at higher secondary schools and colleges and coaching centers were accepted as a strong alternatives to schools and colleges, we have decided to open a coaching center. This coaching center will not adopt the methods of 'sure-success-in-examinations' rather evolve methods aiming at laying a strong foundation of science. It will also motivate the students to study in pursuit of knowledge not the mark. After many deliberations with quite a few learned teachers, ‘a new approach to teaching’ was developed and the Institute of Science Education was established in the year 1999.

Non-profit nature of ISE:

The purpose behind opening ISE was to promote science education, not to earn livelihood by making profit. To make our purpose stronger, by the advice of Srijukta Maheswar Upadhyaya, a philanthropic education lover and ayurvedic doctor, a public charitable trust namely Science Education Foundation was established and registered with Government of Orissa in the year 2004. The Institute of Science Education became the subsidiary organization of Science Education Foundation.

The money earned by the Institute is spent for the development of science education in the way of providing scholarships to the meritorious students and by providing all expenses at higher secondary education of underprivileged meritorious students.

ISE thanks its students and parents of its students:

We thank our students and the parents of our students for enabling us to help the society in whatsoever small way it may be. We wish to convey them that all these philanthropic works we are doing are solely due to their direct or indirect contribution. We feel happy because we are successfully propagating the idea of help and cooperation for development of the humanity among our students. Our students and their parents should also feel proud that they are a part of this mission of charity.

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