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100% Result and 72% First Division in +2 Science
4 in IIT; 17 in NIT; 48 in MEDICAL Colleges
790 in other ENGINEERING Colleges
Over a score in Higher Studies
ISE students not only secure high ranks in Engineering and Medical
Entrance Examinations but also score very high marks in +2 SCIENCE
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Intellectual Growth - ISE's Best Contribution
The best advantage a student gets at ISE is his/her intellectual growth. An ascending career graph of its Students is its best proof. This intellectual growth is the cumulative effect of the following features of ISE.
Non-Profit Nature of the Trust ISE is established by Science Education Foundation. It is a Public Charitable Trust registered under Govt of Odisha. Charity, instead of profit, is the motive of the Trust. Therefore the Trustees of the Trust never leave any stone unturned for the development of its students.
Beliefs behind ISE 1. Career of a child is very precious.

2. Career building is a joint responsibility of the parents and the child.

3. Parents do so by providing facilities and by creating appropriate study environment at home.

4. Children do so by studying systematically with effective guidance of teachers.

5. We take the burden of parents by providing all facilities that are necessary for a student's intellectual growth.

6. We also help the students by providing appropriate teachers, methods, guidance and periodic evaluation.

Teaching Idea at ISE 1. Teaching focuses more on explaining the fundamental concepts in different subjects of science, which is not possible on the part of a college teacher due to shortage of time.

2. As a method of true coaching, shortcomings of each student are noted and the students are advised to overcome these. Whenever necessary, these are also discussed with the students in the presence of their parents.

3. The focus is also more on practice of expressions in term of speaking and writing.

4. Writing of answers of long and short answer questions are taught through the assignment system.

5. To clear a student’s post-class doubt, a student is allowed to interact with the teacher concerned personally.

6. A student’s quest of knowledge beyond the classroom is taken care of by exposing him/her to advanced textbooks in each subject in the library.

7. Tests are designed to evaluate the learning and understanding of the students as well as the efficacy of the teaching of a teacher.

A Robust Teaching Methodology The aforesaid teaching idea culminate in a robust teaching methodology about which more can be learnt by clicking here.This methodology has given us tremendous results.
ISE's Examination System 1. Topic Test - To Test Comprehensive learning of each topic

2. Entrance Test - To Test the increase in ability to answer Entrance Examination Questions

3. Surprise Test - To Test the long term memory

4. Annual Test - To preapare the student for College Annual Examination

5. CHSE Revision Test - To Test the preparedness for CHSE Examination

6. CHSE Examination Pattern Test - To preapare the student for CHSE Annual Examination

7. Rapid Revision Test - To Test the preparedness for Entrance Examinations

8. Entrance Examination Pattern Test - To Prepare the students for Entrance Examinations

Ever Helping Teachers and Administration Trustees, Teachers, Administrative Officers and all Supportive Staff are extremely helpful and cooperative. They are always responsive to a student's problem - be it academic, health, accommodation, food, or any thing personal. This makes the parents more confident of us than of any other thing. We have earned the fame of being the most student-caring coaching institute in Bhubaneswar.
Academic Vigillance 1. Maintenance of attendance of regular class and entrance class

2. Maintenance of records of homework done by individual student

3. Tracking of student’s performance in each kind of test.

Communication with Parents Besides being always in touch with the parents, the Monthly Appraisal Report is sent to parents, which contains the student's sincerity in attending classes, doing homework and the performance in all kinds of tests
Scholarships and other financial incentives ISE gives several financial incentives for outstanding academic performance.
Besides this, Science Education Foundation, the parent organisation provides several scholarships. To Know more about it click here.

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