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Programme of STS and STS-US Examination 2017:

Schedules of STS and STS-US Examination is as follows. Please Note it.

Last Date of Application: 14.4.2017
Date of Examination: 23.4.2017
Reporting Time in the Venue of Examination: By 10:00 am
Venue of Examination: M-64, Baramunda Housing Board Colony, Bhubaneswar-3
Date of declaration of Result: 30.4.2017

Click the Links below to download Application Form and Prospectus.

Download Application Form and Prospectus

ISE's Crash Courses for NEET and OUAT will start on 6.4.2017:

Rapid Revision for NEET is scheduled to start on 06 April 2017. In this course essential methods to answer multiple choice questions are discussed using certain type questions which are given to the students in study material form. To put these methods into practice these type questions are worked out in the class. Students are given old classified entrance questions for further practice of their own.

Test and Discussion Series for OUAT Entrance Test will commence on 06 April 2017. There will be 15 Tests in the Pattern of OUAT Entrance Examination followed by a discussion of the questions on the next day. Students are given old OUAT questions in a classified manner.

Click the Links below to learn more about these programs.

Rapid Revision for NEET
Test and Discussion Series for OUAT

Free Summer Courses will start on 20.3.2017:

ISE is starting its FREE Summer Course on 3.4.2017

This Course is designed for class X Exam Appeared Students who intend to Learn Science more skillfully. In addition to selected topics in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology, skill development programs are introduced in Mathematics, English and Computer Application. Two interesting programs, Experimenting with Science and Entrance Coaching are seamlessly integrated to remind the students their objective of studying science. A program of 360+ hours will definitely increase skill in Mathematics and English. The most important aspect of the program is that it is a FREE Course. You register yourself and attend class.

Click the Link below to learn more about this programme.

Summer Course

First Year Courses at ISE Begins on 22.6.2017

Choose Your Subject - A New Concept at ISE:

ISE is introducing a new concept in coaching. Now a student is free to choose subject(s) where (s)he finds difficulty in understanding. We at ISE are always ready to help such cases. A student will have complete flexibility in his/her choice.

First Year Course of IIT-JEE or NEET

For students, who have made up their mind about their future career, ISE is introducing two different courses which will help them in scoring a higher rank in IIT-JEE or NEET. Here courses prescribed by IIT-JEE or NEET will be taught and students will be put into practice of solving entrance level problems/questions.

Click the Link below to learn more about this program.

First Year Course of CHSE - Choose Your Subject (CBC)
First Year Course of IIT-JEE (CBN)
First Year Course of NEET (CBM)

Second Year Courses at ISE Begins on 1.5.2017

The second year course of CHSE integrated with either IIT-JEE or NEET will begin on 24.4.2017. Here CHSE Course will be taught in regular classes and IIT-JEE or NEET sylabus will be covered in entrance classes.

Click the Link below to learn more about this program.

Second Year Course of CHSE and IIT-JEE (CEN)
Second Year Course of CHSE and NEET (CEM)

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